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Kentucky Board of Licensure for Massage Therapy

Board of Licensure for Massage Therapy
Kentucky Administrative Regulations

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201 KAR 42:010 Goals for massage therapy sessions.
201 KAR 42:020 Fees.
201 KAR 42:030 Licensees change of name, home address, or place of business.
201 KAR 42:035 Application process and curriculum requirements.
201 KAR 42:040 Renewal.
201 KAR 42:050 Complaint procedure and disciplinary action.
201 KAR 42:060 Code of ethics, and standards of practice for massage therapists.
201 KAR 42:070 Endorsement.
201 KAR 42:080 Programs of massage therapy instruction.
201 KAR 42:110 Continuing education requirements.