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Kentucky Board of Licensure for Massage Therapy

Board of Licensure for Massage Therapy
Disciplinary Actions

The following is a summary of disciplinary actions taken against individuals by the board. This summary is intended for informational purposes only. Complete terms of each disciplinary action are contained in the board's written records.

For further information, contact the board administrator at 502-564-3296 or via email at

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 Final Actions

John Bustle, Jr.pdf
Settlement Agreement11/28/20183092 KB
Pamela Gaddis.pdf
Settlement Agreement11/28/20182843 KB
Jason Bui.pdf
Settlement Agreement11/28/2018714 KB
Earl V. Alexandar.pdf
Stipulation and Agreed Order of Settlement11/28/20181029 KB
Eric Ashcraft.pdf
Stipulation and Agreed Order of Settlement5/7/20181427 KB
Sarah Lubbe.pdf
Settlement Agreement6/6/20163211 KB
Jun Hong Yue and Ms  Lei - Green Spa.pdf
Cease and Desist3/3/201134 KB
Ebony Gray.pdf
Cease and Desist10/19/201042 KB
Frank Lewis.pdf
Cease and Desist10/8/201041 KB
Paul and Jessica Emel.pdf
Cease and Desist10/8/201041 KB
William Bolin.pdf
Cease and Desist10/8/201044 KB
Doug Midkiff.pdf
Permanent Injunction6/2/201085 KB
Amy Rose.pdf
Agreed Order3/24/200978 KB